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Zeytinlik by mehmetaydalka
Zeytinlik, a photo by mehmetaydalka on Flickr.




Consulting under

Distribution of work elements and assist the customer representative
Regional studies
Evaluated in terms of supply and demand in the customer portfolio
Ensuring the introduction of the real estate is ready for marketing
Preparation of written and visual marketing proposals
Sales and marketing

Consultancy within the scope

Mortgage, easement, allotment and unification, exchange
Type Allocation
Grant (forgiveness)
Taksim (sharing)
Correction (correction)
Map and municipalities, regional development plan extraction
Land registration and cadastre
Inheritance and Gift
Rental income (rental income from real estate)
Real estate taxes and garbage

With experience in tax matters within the scope of expertise we offer our customers a special service package.

Sites for particular work, we are among the different services.

Site management

Preparation of the General Assembly
The management team building, etc..

VISION: To be honest, ethical and high quality of service with a service to offer.

MISSION: the adoption and application of real estate sector in our country in the world and the importance of trained and qualified personnel in this sector to be represented, and as a result, disposal of the people who gain an unfair


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